Missions Projects

Seminary Student Adoption Program
Paul Marks, Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN

By participating, we receive first-hand awareness of the seminary's mission and it's service to the church.  Through interaction with students who are dedicating their life to serving the Lord, we have the opportunity to share in their journey.  We are active participants i the formation for pastors and deaconesses. Our support provides moral and spiritual encouragement through prayer and correspondence.  Financial assistance will help provide for the psychical needs of the students and their families.  The students form strong relationships with the individuals and congregations that adopt them as their share the seminary experience.


Nicaragua Mission Support
On-going support for the “Rancho” we sponsored several years ago-10 of our church members went to Nicaragua to help build the Pastor's house. Our support will be administered through Orphan Grain Train.

Concordia College of NY, Bronxville
We support for the important work of this area Lutheran College. Concordia seeks to educate laity for leadership roles in the Church, as well as students heading for the ministry. Our dollars help expand educational opportunities by keeping programs accessible to students through aid programs.


Orphan Grain Train
CTK has been contributing $1200 per year to help the Orphan Grain Train continue it's mission. They also look for medical equipment, sewing notions, and clothing that get shipped over seas to 66 countries.

New Jersey District
Our funds support the various projects of the NJ District

Lutheran Social Ministries of NJ
We continue to support the increasingly broad range of activities of LSM (particularly various shelters). LSM, in partnership with the State of NJ (for some of it’s programs), has assumed many social service responsibilities once performed by state agencies and institutions and has been awarded grants to help carry out their programs. Congregational dollars help LSM offer services beyond grant restrictions and enable programs to be administered with great success.

Continuing Activities/Projects


Center for Food Action
We collect food for CFA in Ringwood. We will also participated in the Ringwood Hunger Walk and Adopt a Family for Thanksgiving programs. As further opportunities arise, we try to support them. We always appreciate our Sunday School’s involvement and outreach activities for CFA.

Shelters and Programs for Children
We actively support LSM sponsored shelters and worthwhile programs that come to our attention through our House Pin Program and periodic drives to collect whatever might be useful.

Eyeglasses for the Needy
We collect used eyeglasses to send to Orphan Grain Train. They have an active program to help people in need of eyeglasses – this is tied in to one of their many ministries and they often see that shipments of eyeglasses get to Kyrgyzstan, Nicaragua and other countries.

Phone Chain
We will continue to activate the Phone Chain when it is needed.

Greetings and Following up with First Time Visitors
M&E Committee Members greet newcomers, have them sign our guest book following the Liturgy and follow up with them by phone, inviting them back again.

Prayer Breakfast
We plan and hold our annual Prayer Breakfast (usually in March). It is a morning of fellowship and prayers and we invite a speaker to inform and inspire us.

Prayer Chain
Our Prayer Chain was started in 2005 and has grown to be an important part of ministry to our members and friends. Helen Hoffmann chairs this group and we are told that it is a continuing source of comfort to those who have asked us to pray daily and specifically for their loved ones.